Patristic Tradition

The Kingdom of Heaven is not food and drink, but peace and justice, and joy in the Holy Spirit ( 03.03.2009 )

It is necessary to the Christian to fast, to clear up his mind, to become more compassionate and to move his good will to good deeds. Such of our human abilities, we do strangle and darken the most with overeating, over drinking and other concerns of this world, falling out of the Source of Life in that way, of God, and fall in the abyss of our vanity, dishonouring and perverting the face of God in us.     

Overeating and lust rivet us on the ground and clip the wings of our soul. And look how high all those monks and disciples of Christ flew – like eagles in the sky. And though they’ve been earthly beings, they lived with their heart and consciousness in Heaven, listening indescribable words and receiving the wisdom of God. Look how much the man is humiliating himself by pleasing his eating impulses, overeating and drinking. He perverts his nature, created towards God’s face, becoming one of the unscrupulous animals, even worse.

Every Christian has to fast because with the birth of our Lord Jesus the human nature is deified and that’s why we hurry to reach the Kingdom of Heaven which is not the one of overeating or over-drinking, but is the Kingdom of peace and justice, and the joy in the Holy Spirit… Only those who never met and knew God eat or drink excessively, surrendering to the pleasures of the senses…

In which quantity a man is satisfying his sensual nature, in that quantity he becomes corporal and estrange the Holiest Spirit of God. The Spirit of God cannot dwell in those living only physical life: because what community can exist between the light and darkness?! Such people do not have love or faith in hearts, neither they have the spirit of prayer. And they look desperately how to avoid the unity with Church.       

If you eat or drink a lot you will be just a body. If you pray and fast you will be a spirit.

Don’t trust your body too much, which while you’re praying threats you that you’ll not be strong enough to sustain the fast – be aware that your body is lying to you.

When you start praying, you will realise that your body will become your faithful servant. Your prayer will encourage your body. Always have on your mind that the body is deceptive.