Strumica Diocese: Bookshop

In its central monasteries, Veljusa and Vodoča, Strumica diocese develops an independent, complete yet selective ecclesiastical publishing activity. Over twenty books have been published so far, among which original pastoral texts and essays on ascetical themes, translations of counsels on prayer by contemporary 20th century Elders, texts from the history of hesychasm, translated editions from contemporary world theology, apologetic texts in response to the public reactions on the renewed monasticism etc.

The Strumica diocese is the initiator and the driving force of the magazine Premin (Passover).

Monastic handicrasfts are small objects that monastics make by hand in their cells while praying. Monastic handicrafts are fruits of monastics' love and prayer. Throughout the history of the Church they have often been living testimony to Orthodox tradition, aesthetics, and spirituality. These are objects of rare beauty, a work of patience, concentration, repentance, humility, obedience... the sum of all monastic virtues.

Knitted or wooden crosses, prayer ropes, mounted or painted icons. Manually embroidered monastic schemas, sacerdotal vestments, embroidered bookmarkers, and embroidered veils for ecclesiastical use. Notebooks, book markers, postcards of handmade paper. Carved objects of walnut wood: small cell censers, boxes for incense. Manually woven coverings and carpets, and alike. The list can be quite long and diverse.

At present, monastics are the only faithful guardians of ancient crafts, with enough love and time personally to incorporate themselves into every object they make with their own hands in prayer. Such an object breathes out the grace of the Holy Spirit and it is a special blessing to the one who owns it.