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The ,,Premin” (Passover) Magazine

In an atempt to atract the attention of the contemporary seekers of authentic values, to focus the eye of the contemporary intellectual on his own heart and from there on the outside, on the reality that surrounds us, the “Premin” magazine is continually developing.

In front of you is a collection of writings and messages on the apostolic dimensions of Orthodoxy beyond the boundaries of the national and cultular milieu in which it is prepared. Perhaps a quiet companion in your journey to the point of experiencing touch of the eschaton...

“Premin” is a periodical publication of Diocese of Strumica that is published several times in the course of the year
(in Macedonian language only).

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Number 1

The Danaoi Still Bring Us Presents - MOC and Autocephaly
Ethics Is a Guidepost to Dignity -Prof. Kiril Temkov, Ph.D.
Theology and Science - Fr Stefan Sandjakoski, Prof. Ljubomir Cuculovski, Ph.D.
Rigid Secularists and Promising Believers Priests-Chaplains in ARM?
I sign the charter (tomos) for autocephaly - exclusive interview: Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch
My Orthodoxy – Olivier Clèment
Light on the forgotten works – new icon galleries
militant atheism has never existed in Ohrid - Cvetan Grozdanov, academician
Sinai – reportage
Carnivals and paganism – FOR whom the Sophia bells toll?
the natural dialogue between the word and the image
We have no respect for our medieval cultural wealth - Aneta Serafimova, MA
John Koukouzelis: The angel-voiced With love
to the audience – Area
Film ... Ah, ...yes!
THE Green fields and THE rainbow
THE Diary of Cyril, Bulgarian Patriarch - Prof. Aleksandar Trajanovski, Ph.D.

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