Macedonian Orthodox Faculty "St. Clement of Ohrid"

The Orthodox Faculty of Theology was established by the Macedonian Orthodox Church in 1977 and its first dean was Archbishop Gabriel of blessed memory, most deserving credit for the establishment of the Faculty.

The present dean of the Faculty is the proto-presbyter stavrophore Jovan Takovski, Th.D. There are about fifteen professors at this Faculty, some of them with a doctoral degree and such who have distinguished themselves in practice with highly expert work and scientific results. The Faculty expects that tradition will be preserved by the assistaOrthodox Faculty of Theology St. Clement of Ohrid, Skopjent lecturers who continue their postgraduate studies in: Bucharest, Belgrade, Thessalonica, Veliko Trnovo, and Rome. In the period between 1982 and 2002, 149 students-theologians graduated from the Faculty. Many of them are in the present professors in the Seminary or at the Faculty, or catechists in primary schools and at parochial churches. Among the graduates from this Faculty are two metropolitans, members of the Holy Synod of Hierarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (the metropolitans Cyril and Nahum), an episcope (Fr Gabriel the Hagiorite, episcope of Velika) and five monks. The Orthodox Faculty of Theology St. Clement of Ohrid has established cooperation with the University of Skopje, which includes: sending our theologians to other universities to receive higher degrees, exchange of professors etc.

Our postgraduate students, doctoral candidates in Bucharest, Belgrade, Thessalonica, Veliko Trnovo, and Rome are in a way a direct connection with the Faculties (or Institutes) of Theology in the mentioned centres. The Faculty publishes an Annual – a Collection of scientific works, whereas the students have their own students' periodical – the Orthodox Evangelist (Pravoslaven Blagovesnik). The students express their activities through the Students' association, which organises the publishing of the periodical and the students' theological platform. At the Orthodox Faculty of Theology today study more than 250 students, two thirds of whom are full-time students.