Strumica Diocese: out of print books

Elder Joseph: Hesychastic Testimonies - an epitomized edition -

A small and yet all-inclusive book (thirteen letters) on practice of the Jesus prayer: from the very beginnings to the most hidden perfections. It teaches the principles of synergy of grace, the spiritual meaning of sufferings, the strategy of waging war against demons and resistance to the devastating influence of passions within the heart… (Translated from Greek.)


Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov: Foundations of Spiritual Life

On the feat of mourning and the gift of tears. The practice of prayer in its entirety and the negative aspects of it. What makes the prayer holy, i.e. effective? What destroys it and corrupts its practice? More on delusion. Importance of spiritual guidance to the advancement in the Jesus prayer. A short hagiography of Saint Ignatius. (Translated from Russian.)

Elder Sophrony (Sakharov): On Spirit and Life - 247 homilies -

To the soul's tender part, man's hidden heart!
Having read it at least once, a book that you shall turn to with trust and zeal whenever it is at hand – to gather inspiration for striving in your endeavour towards holiness.
At the prayers of this Elder, grant us, O Lord to begin with the small things of everyday life, and to end with the awareness that 'I am'! (Translated from Greek.)

  Staretz Silouan: Sad Joy - joyous sadness -

What is the ineffable way of the Saints like, as for all the God-loving could see its guideposts… "My soul yearns after the Lord and I seek Him in tears. Where Art Thou, my Light? Where Art Thou, my Joy?… Lo, Thou Art everywhere, but my soul beholds Thee not and yearning, in tears, seeks Thee! …When people nourish the fear of God, then our sojourn on earth is peaceful and calm. The Ecumenical Patriarchate placed Staretz Silouan in the canon of Saints in 1988 in Constantinople. (Translated from Russian.)


Elder Paisios: Introduction to Monastic Life - an epitomized edition -

Most useful record of the beginnings of monastic life.
Practical information and directions for the period of probation and clear guideposts on the need for spiritual guidance of an Elder for the major part of beginners. The conditions of life in obedience.
Enkindle love for prayer! On the road of the Fathers. Other messages and revelations.
In his witty language Elder Paisios opens a view to the path of salvation, essential equally to those aspiring to monasticism and to those to stay and be saved at home.
At his prayers may God grant us the perfect obedience. Amen.


  Homily on Monasticism

This book is an outcome of the first catholic temptation of the newly born monasticism: the great fuss caused by certain distressed parents and journalists, along with the phantasmal cloud of the chance bystanders over the first enlightened foreheads of the young Army of Christ in the country. For the prayers of our Elder, God had mercy on us. Amen.

Small Orthodox Prayer Book - third edition -

Morning and evening prayers. Several of the Saints' much-loved and well-known prayers. Prayers for various occasions. Salutations to Annunciation (to the All-Holy Mother of God).