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After more than 557 years the Divine Liturgy in Saint Sophia in Istanbul will be celebrated again ( 08.05.2010 )

Friday, 07th May, 2010, Romfea


The Divine Liturgy in Saint Sophia will be served again 557 years after the loss of Constantinople on the initiative of the organization "The Worldwide Parish of Saint Sophia" which numbers more than tens of thousands of people from all over the world.


During the press conference held by the Vice President of the Worldwide Parish in Thessaloniki Chris Spiru and the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Mr. Antim, Mr. Spiru announced that the Divine Liturgy will be held on the 17th of September, the day Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope and Love.


As it was told, the Worldwide parish has already informed, in form of a recommended letter the President of the Parliament of Turkey, Tail Erdogan, about its decision to be present in the City on that day and to serve in Saint Sofia.


"We, the parishioners of Saint Sophia from the whole world will be in the City with the purpose of serving the Divine Liturgy in the Mother Church of Christianity, the symbol of Orthodoxy", was pointed out, among other, in this letter.


Further on, with the initiative of the organization, on Sunday, the 23rd of May, the Liturgy in the Church of God’s Wisdom will be served in Thessaloniki and officiated by the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki where Saint Sophia’s parishioners from Greece and other foreign countries will be present as well.


Answering question if representatives of the Worldwide Parish have informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece about the initiative they were undertaking, Mr. Spiru stated this was no political subject pointing out organization was founded in the USA.


"No government has the right to determine the use of sacred places nor to appoint priests or archpriests, or to define the way priests and religious attendants dress", Mr. Spiru stated.


Worldwide Parish of Saint Sophia was founded in 2005 holding headquarters in the USA and is recognized as a non-profit organization with the goal to reopen the Saint Sofia as a Christian Church. Among thousands of members of the organization from all over the world, it includes people of other religions and beliefs as well.