Patristic Tradition

Repentance ( 25.04.2009 )

Therefore, neither sinner should be ever hopeless. It is enough to repent, because his sins are less than those of the devil. Man has exemptions, since he was created from the dust, and from pure carelessness he may slide and fell in the mud.

We do not have excuses, if we don’t want to regret and confess, thus we wish to stay fallen in the mud. There are some of us, who do not confess, due to the fear of repeated sins, and in such way put another, bigger filth to the one they’ve done before; while for instance, when their clothes are dirty they wash them, and when they got dirty spots on their clothes, they clean them, too.

We must know that even the most spiritual ones, doesn’t have their life safe so far. Therefore, they keep themselves in the safety of God, and hope of God, depriving only their ego in such way, because the ego brings the whole spiritual misfortune in it. That is why the monks, to succeed better and help better never say: “Let’s save the world,” but pray silently, for God to save the world.

Consequently, the monks are not some indolent people, nor they are individuals or unsuccessful people, but they refute willingly the life success, to achieve the spiritual heights. Therefore, the monks are the good guys from the Gospel; those who as Christ our Lord calls are not attracted by any material treasure, or their youth, but sacrifice themselves and follow Jesus with the Cross. In such way they do not gain the precious pearl, and never burden themselves with the vanity of the false life, because soon or later everything becomes dust, and the soul of those who are successful according to the daily life values, remains eternally unhappy. Let the merciful God enlighten us all, and let Him to give us repentance, for we all to become worthy for the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.


Elder Paisios from Mount of Athos