Patristic Tradition

The one with good thoughts will see everything in a good way ( 27.03.2009 )

They’ve told me that some are upset for they see many incorrect things in the Church, and I’ve answered: “If you ask the fly: Are there any flowers in the neighbourhood?” – it will answer: “I do not know, but down there, there are a lot of empty cans, garbage and dirt” and start counting up all the rubbish heaps it flew over.

But, if you ask the honey bee: “Have you seen any trash pile down there?” – it will answer: “A trash pile? I didn’t see it anywhere, everything is full of fragranced flowers here” – and tell you about all the various flowers in the gardens and fields. You see, the fly knows where the stench is placed only, while the honey bee knows where the lily blooms, and a little far from there is the hyacinth, and so…”

As I could understand, one people are alike to the fly, and others are alike to the honey bee. Those who are like the fly, look only about the bad and the dirt in everything, and are occupied with that, finding nothing good anywhere. Those who are like the honey bee on the other hand, find only the good in everything.

Perverted man thinks in a perverted way, receiving everything from the bad side, looking upside down to everything. On the other hand, the one who has nice thoughts, whatever he sees he sees nice, whatever you say to him, he has a nice thought about it.


A boy from the second High School class came to my cottage once and knocked at the door. I’ve had a full bag of letters to read, but I’ve told to myself to go out and see what the boy was looking for.

- “What can I do for you boy?” – I asked.

- “Is this the cottage of Elder Paisios? I would like to talk to Father Paisios” – replied the boy.

- “Yes, this is the cottage of the Elder but he apparently is not here. He went out to buy him cigarettes” – I continued.

- “Probably he went to buy cigarettes to someone” – said the boy with a good thought.

- “Oh no, he went to buy cigarettes for himself. He ran out of cigarettes and got crazy. He left me here alone, and I don’t have any idea when he would come back. If he doesn’t appear for a bit longer, I’m leaving.”

His eyes turned to tears, but he again, with a nice thought said: “We’re just bothering the Elder.”

-“And why do you need him?” – I asked again.

-“I would like to ask him to give me blessing.” – he said

-“What blessing you’re expecting from him? He’s a fake. No any benefit from that man, boy. I know him well. Don’t waste your time, as when he come back, he will be nervous, even drunk perhaps, because he drinks besides everything.”

But, the boy had constantly good and positive thoughts.

- “Right – I said – I will anyway wait for a while. What shall I tell him?”

- “ I have a letter here, to give him – said the boy – but I’ll wait for his blessing.”


You see? Whatever I’ve told him, he accepted in a nice manner. I’ve told him: ”He got crazy without cigarettes” – and he sighted and the eyes of that beautiful soul turned to cry.

-    “Who knows, perhaps he went to buy cigarettes to someone” – said he then.


Others read a lot, while that youngster at the age of twelve was so full of positive thoughts. You’re trying to spoil his nice thought, and he always finds a better one, making better and better conclusions. I was simply delighted. I saw such thing for the first time in life.    


Elder Paisios from Mount of Athos