Patristic Tradition

The mystery of love towards God is in the love towards the brother ( 25.03.2009 )

We are obliged to consider all the faithful as one, and to think that in each of them Christ is present. In addition, we are obliged to have for each of them such love, that we would be ready to sacrifice our lives for them.

Therefore, we are obliged not to talk or think of anyone that is bad, but to consider that all the people are good. And, if we see some of our brothers to be disturbed by passions, we must not hate him, but we must hate the passions, which fight against him. So, if you see that the desires and habits to his previous sins are occupying him, then suffer together with him more and stronger, to prevent yourself not to fall in temptation, because you’re built from structure that easily turns from good to evil. Love towards your brother prepares you to start loving more our God. That is, the mystery of love towards God lies in love towards your brother.

Because, if you do not love your brother, who you see, how it would be possible that you will love God, Who you do not see?


Saint Simeon the New Theologian