Prologue: hagiographies of the saints

Venerable Parasceva      10/27/2013

This glorious holy woman was born in the town of Epivato, between Silistra and Constantinople. Her parents were rich and faithful Christians, who beside Saint Parasceva, had a son, Euthimius, who became a monk and was later consecrated a Bishop. After the death of her parents, the virgin Petka, longing for life of ascesis, left her parents' home and went first to Constantinople, and then in the Jordanian desert, where she led an ascetic struggle till her old age. Who could imagine all the labours, the sufferings and the demonic temptations that Saint Petka endured in the long course of years? In her old age, an angel of God appeared to her and told her:" Leave the desert and return to your fatherland, for there you should give your body to the earth, and surrender your soul to God." Saint Petka obeyed the heavenly messenger, left her beloved desert and returned to Epivato. She had lived there for two more years, again in constant prayer and fasting, before she committed her spirit to God. She fell asleep in the Lord in the 9th century. Her miracle-working relics were translated on several occasions in the course of history: to Constantinole, then to Trnovo, then again to Constantinople, then to Belgrade. Today they rest in Romania, in the town of Iasi. In Belgrade there is a spring of water dedicated to Saint Petka that miraculously heals all the sick that approach with faith in God and with love for this holy woman.