Strumica Diocese: Berovo Monasteries

When the residential quarters near the church dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos were reconstructed and adapted for monastic life, after Pascha, in 2002, with a blessing of bishop Nahum a three-monk brotherhood moved in here from the Vodoča monastery. Thus for the first time in Berovo the beginnings of male monasticism were set. The locality is of special importance to Berovo people as a site of veneration and prayerful reverence of the Most Holy Mother of God. Still, until now there has not been any monastery here.

The brotherhood supports itself with its handicraft, icon painting and bee-keeping. Ever since it started living as a monastery, the whole complex has radiated certain special warmth and order, naturally detached from the urban environment. Under the large shades of the linen trees, right near the river, nature itself has created a suitable space for prayerful stillness.

The typikon is hesychastic i.e. the monastery is in fact a small hesychasterion, a holy place of prayerful stillness. Liturgy is celebrated regularly and is preceded by several hours of Jesus prayer in the cells. Berovo inhabitants and also all visitors in need of confession and spiritual conversation will be cordially welcomed by the superior, the hieromonk Photius, with his brotherhood.