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The competent officials in the organizations and institutions of free and democratic Europe and of the International Community should guard themselves from the net of the Great-Serb propaganda which is directed towards stirring the innate sensitivity of the European citizen when the protection of human religious rights and freedom is considered with the aim to stir up sympathy for the convicted cleric of the Serbian Orthodox Church, who is serving the sentence in the Skopje prison Idrizovo, and in that way lose sight of the complete perspective of the things. And the true background of what is happening today in the Republic of Macedonia is the following: the same church, political and criminal (military-profiteering) structures that caused and used the gory events in the former Yugoslav area, and which by all appearances still in their (church) buildings or in their immediate surrounding are hiding the war criminals wanted by the Hague Tribunal, using in the present, too, the same methods and means desire to achieve the same goal, and that is the realization of the idea for Great Serbia they have never got over which – at least as far as they think that at the moment they can, i.e. as far as R. Macedonia and Montenegro, Kosovo and Vojvodina.

            Let us recall how it all happened, i.e. what are these methods and means we are talking about: at first the well known extremely nationalistically oriented episcopes of the Serbian Orthodox Church through spiritual and psychological terror aroused the war spirits of the past, disinterring in the year 1990 the bones of the killed Serbs during World War II in the territories of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then, after there has been created a critical frightened mass of people under arms on both sides, and after the evolved gory incidents, appeared the YNA (Yugoslav National Army) of that time, led by the Serbian generals, and also the paramilitary criminal structures after them. We have all seen the result, at the crimes committed, as for example the one in Srebrenica or in Vukovar, is disgusted every civilized man in the world and every civilized Serb. Only the few episcopes in the Serbian Orthodox Church, because of whose wrong leadership did the Serbian nation suffer the most, still cannot see and realize their sin. Now, the unworthily received clerical rank, according to the holy Fathers of the Church, does not cover and hide but reveals and stirs up the passions in man instead. The passions, for their part, make a man blind, and particularly the passion of national-chauvinism.

            Similar thing happened in Kosovo as well: at first the same men of the Serbian Orthodox Church, servants of the idol ‘nation’, carrying out a special, prepared for that, program, placed their ideologically tested episcope in Prizren and in the course of the nineties renewed the Kosovo monasteries as centers for spreading the Great-Serb nationalism, and then with physical terror, as if under agreement, appeared the military-police forces and the paramilitary criminal structures and naturally, after both nationalisms have been stirred in 1999 we got the Kosovo crisis and the intervention by the NATO forces in the former Yugoslavia, with all the victims on both sides. And again of the whole civilized world only some Serbian episcopes cannot see and realize their sin, and the monasteries in Kosovo, under the military protection of KFOR, until present day have been living-dead witnesses to the unaccomplished Great-Serb idea and to the failed Christian mission among the Albanian and Serbian peoples.

            The same methods and means of spiritual and psychological terror with the connivance of the Serbian Orthodox Church started being implemented three years ago on the part of the same small group of episcopes – with the attempt to establish a parallel church structure in R. Macedonia. And it has happened: a media attack against the personal and clerical integrity of the Episcopes of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, denial of the holy Sacraments of the Church and an affront to the religious and national feelings of the nation, and also encroachment upon the property of the Church. All this has been recorded. We are grateful to God that the Christian people in R. Macedonia has remained ethnically and ecclesiastically undivided and there has not been created that critical mass of people necessary for political destabilization of the country and for a possible military intervention. It would have sufficed Macedonia today to be a federative republic together with R. Serbia within the former federation and the federal army to be present in the whole territory, to see the same scenario of the former Yugoslav area and of Kosovo. This same or a similar scenario the Serbian Orthodox Church has been trying to implement in R. Montenegro. Another time about this, though.

            R. Macedonia has the least need to hold in prison a certain proven harmless, ecclesiastically and politically a failure missionary with a rather questionable credibility, and on top of it a cleric of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and to make him a media and virtual stature, yet this latest development is a very good opportunity for the whole democratic and peace-loving world, if it takes an attentive look behind the curtain of the sentimentally dosed media fuss spread by some Serbian media, once again to notice the many-headed Balkan dragon… the Great-Serb nationalism …and not to give room to it outside its natural borders to destroy again the spiritual and cultural values of Christian Europe.

            What else should these men lose as to come to their senses? We pray to the Lord their souls not to be that. 



How nearly all citizens of Macedonia and Serbia

view the role of certain forces of reaction that

until present-day have been freely active in the SOC



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