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Lie all you want ( 27.06.2005 )

Now, darlings, don’t you have a smarter person to prepare your news or, to put it better, the lies you’ve continuously been trying to spread in the public through your website? We can understand you’re using lies, it’s not the first time you have done that, but haven’t you figured out yet just how important it is for you to have someone to dose correctly the quantity of lies in the news on your or on the Serbian site— it is all the same—so that the public can swallow it? For, all that is overdosed is hard to accept, both truth and lie. You should have known this from life experience. Or there is no one educated among you? If truth be told, if we add your certificates together, all together (except for one) you have barely completed high school. We were telling you, ‘study, kids!’… Anyway, since you exist merely virtually, don’t miss the opportunity for your media launch!

You write, for example about a “heavy prison sentence”. What exactly does it mean? While you were in a day custody last year in Bitola, they let you stay together—that is, did not separate you male from female. They even let you have your mobile phones with you, so you twittered throughout the world looking for help (just like that, from a desire for martyrdom) and ordered sandwiches of your own choice from the policemen. What would you understand by ‘heavy prison sentence’? If they took your mobiles or separated you or when you could not order sandwiches as you wished? One could only wonder what could be harsher than this. There’s only one heavy prison sentence for you, darlings, for which your conscience bitterly pricks you and which you avoid like the plague, and that is the practice of obedience towards your spiritual father until the opening of the heart for mind-and-heart prayer; the way demanded by the monastic order, which you violated.

Or, what do you mean by the following: “As many times so far, with the trials of the episcopes, priests, and the faithful of OOA, the Court of Law in the Republic of Macedonia has proved to be a circus”? Do you know that whenever you attribute to yourselves the adverb of quantity “many” and the plural form of the nouns, you usually fall into a big lie? Because the devil and vanity have deceived you so much, that as “shepherds” you went so “far ahead” of your spiritual flock—that is, ahead of your people, that your men cannot “follow” you. And you ended up so few, and so alone—it is simply desperate. And you turned so much against and are spitting on your people or, to be more precise, on the men among whom you grew up, that one is only pleasantly surprised by people’s patience. So, there haven’t been many processes against several of your men, but it is true if you say there were only two lawsuits against one man among you, one of which ended with a probationary sentence, while the other one with a prison sentence; everything else is a lie. The third lawsuit against the same person is underway, on charges of ‘financial embezzlement’. Nobody else among you has been sued or persecuted, although there are good foundations for that as well.

And what do you mean by the following: ‘The court of law nowadays, in the 21st century is trying the Orthodox faith’, of your leader? What dogmatic question or problem of the faith was tackled at the legal proceedings in Bitola? Certainly, there was no such thing, and you’ve got carried away by the stream of lie. And we had nicely written to you: “It is one thing executive and judicial organs to persecute and take to court someone with no reason, and yet another to persecute and take a person to court because of trespass, or because of a religiously motivated public insult, or because of some other criminal offence (for instance: embezzlement of a lot of money). In the Republic of Macedonia there are several religious communities, yet none of them usurps the property of another one and none of them in its religious calendars and its public organs, or in its printed and electronic media, insults the highest representatives of some other religious community. If this happens, then the executive and judicial organs will, by all means, intervene—sometimes in the line of official duty, sometimes at the request of the aggrieved party, depending on the offence. We have all seen how the Bulgarian State protected the property and integrity of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.” Also: “Therefore, when you thus publicly slander and insult in the most vulgar way, so characteristic of you lately, it is good for you and your spiritual maturation to be sued before the competent civil court, in order to abandon this way as a means to gain followers and to choose instead the true way of inner perfection and attainment of the fruits of the Spirit. We believe that in every civilised society you will come across a similar reception and reaction on the part of the authorities, since the latter through the legal system protect the values of civil society in an adequate way.”

Moreover, that’ll be the day if a trespass, a religiously motivated public insult, embezzlement of church money and many other things—let’s not talk about that now—were deeds that adorn those who represent, as you say, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!? If you think so, who do you represent then?! As regards the Patriarch of Constantinople, whom you mention, one can certainly not see him in Bitola, since we, the Orthodox, having been administratively disunited, would rather go to Rome than visit each other. And you mention in vain the Russian Patriarch, who denounced your activity. He can only be respected by our faithful people. Do not invoke all the Churches and do not expect support from them, and also, do not deceive yourselves that Episcopes of other local Orthodox Churches do not have eucharistic communion with us! We know you’ll be unpleasantly surprised if we tell you that among all who ‘have’ there are Greek Episcopes as well. That’ll be enough, as a remedy for sobering up from the delusion…

Indeed, you do attach much importance to yourselves: ‘Today there was a trial of the history of the Republic of Macedonia and of its future’. Do you really mean that or is it merely a poetical way of expressing yourselves? Sweethearts, it is true that the future of a nation and of a country can be linked with the personality of a single man as well, but he ought to be holy. And you know, at least this much, that ‘holiness’ for us, the Orthodox, means ‘deification’, it means ‘unceasing mind-and-heart prayer’, it means ‘love towards one’s enemies’. You also know that neither you nor anyone in your midst can have the mind-and-heart prayer. Therefore, do not link the future of Macedonia and of the Macedonian nation with you. Do not do that since we all know that you do not feel as members of the Macedonian nation nor do you think well for the Macedonian State.

One more thing: as the end of the world will draw near, and the signs of the apocalypse are here (for instance, Serbian exarchate in Macedonia under the name of ‘Orthodox Ohrid Archdiocese’!), and as the bearers of the gift of unceasing mind-and-heart prayer will decrease in number, the future of one nation and country might be linked with an ordinary man who only has an ordinary mind-and-heart prayer.



from the editorial board of the official website

of the Macedonian Orthodox Church